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"In the Garden" - Project Update

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

"In the Garden" - Project Update

I started "In the Garden" by creating a collection of 40 unique prints in the Fall of 2018. As the months past, I watched this grow into a tapestry of over 100 pieces with prints, collages, fabrics, and found objects. This project is extremely process based, focusing on many different printmaking techniques from collagraphs, monoprints, etchings, embossments, marbling, to intaglio and relief process. In addition to staining, watercolor washes, collage, cutting, sewing, layering, and drawing, the hand work was key to experimentation.

In exploring the correlations between women and nature, the multiple techniques, processes, and layers of this project are representative of the vast, complex ways in which we are interconnected. Different prints, techniques, and objects resemble various themes of interconnection from "In the Garden (of Life)" such as decay and rebirth, traditionally associated women's roles, femininity, and disruption from contemporary issues.


I am in the final stages of completing this project and adding attachments for installation hanging. As this project is so processed based, it may never truly be "finished". The creation of the work itself- the experimentation, thought, and pure expression- has been so central to the project.

Thank you for all of your support.


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