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AnnaBrooke Hill Greene is an interdisciplinary artist from Georgia. She received her MFA in Studio Art from Florida State University where she was the recipient of the Andy McLachlin Memorial Award and MFA Award. She received her BFA from Georgia Southern University with a focus on two-dimensional studies where she received awards including the Betty Foy Sanders Award and Pat Walker Award. Greene has exhibited regionally and nationally with recent projects including group exhibitions at Pen + Brush (2024), MoFA (2023), ARTS Southeast + Sulfur Studios (2023), along with ArtFields (2023) and a digital exhibition and publication with Create! Magazine (2023). She currently lives and works in Tallahassee, Florida as an Adjunct Professor of Art at Florida State University and as the Visual Arts Instructor at Thomasville Center for the Arts in Thomasville, Georgia which held her solo show, In the Garden, in 2022.



My sculptural installations and wall works connect to ideas of domestic space, memory, time, and the body through materiality. I identify found and personal domestic objects as poetic source materials that connect associations of gender, craft, and decoration as I draw on my personal relationship with the American South to explore the domestic space as a constructed narrative. Using time-intensive processes associated with labor and the domestic sphere such as hand sewing, washing, combing, and various fiber elements alongside drawing, metal working, and assemblage, I manipulate and reform mixed charged materials into uncanny echoes of what they once were in an investigation of the space in which they come from and the memory and history that they hold. My investigations are propelled by questions such as: How did these objects function to uphold traditional ideals within the home? How can I actively position myself in the work in relation to the place in which I and the source materials come from? And how can my artistic action offer a point of subversion or complication of the narrative in question?

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