Artist's Bio
Artist's Statement

          AnnaBrooke Greene is a mixed media artist from Moultrie, Georgia and an MFA Candidate at Florida State University. In 2020, she received her BFA from Georgia Southern University where she served as President of the Print, Paper, & Book Arts Society and was honored with various awards including the “Betty Foy Sanders Award” in 2018 and 2019. Greene has been included in various exhibitions including the 2020 “Third Annual Southeast Regional Exhibition," at the Lamar Dodd Arts Center, in LaGrange Georgia and the "Earth/Mother," portfolio showcase from the SGCI 2020 conference, ”Puertographico.” She is a member of the Colquitt County Art Center Artists’ Guild in Moultrie, Georgia which held her solo show, “Through the Looking Glass,” in 2018. Current and upcoming events include the virtual exhibition “TOUCH”, from Woman Made Gallery in June 2020. She currently lives and works in Tallahassee, Florida.

          My work explores visual language associated with women’s complex, overlapping identities in tandem with the conventional roles placed upon them. In examining how this effects our lives as individuals and as a collective in society, my work depicts and challenges cultural stereotypes of womanhood while utilizing its old-aged feminine iconography. 

    Intricate floral patterning and ornate plants are used as device to bind varied imagery together. Mediums like fabric and sewing materials along with imagery such as flowers and domestic items project conventional ideas of womanhood to the viewer in conjunction with elements of complexity and irregularity. By using associated feminine mediums and imagery, I re-present the social norms of womanhood to discuss and transform how we perceive it in our contemporary culture.